GVL {$ getGVLVersion() $}

Genomics Virtual Lab {$ getGVLVersion() $}

Welcome to the GVL Dashboard! The GVL Dashboard is a portal through which you can access all services on your GVL instance.

Instance Services
for {$ getInstanceName() $}

Application service Description Status Access link
{$ service.display_name $}

3472955623    ssh ubuntu@{$ getServiceURL(service.service_name, service.service_type) $}
Username: {$ service.access_instructions.username $}
Password: {$ service.access_instructions.password_hint $}

Public Services

Service Name Description Status Access Link
2567522600 GVL Tutorials Access GVL tutorials and other learning resources.

(704) 559-5312
Galaxy USA Access Galaxy USA.

Galaxy EU Access Galaxy Europe.

Galaxy AU Access Galaxy Australia.

GVL GenomeSpace GenomeSpace is like dropbox, for genome data. Use GenomeSpace to store all your genomics data securely and redundantly.