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What is Social infinite?

"It's all that an influencer needs."
'Social infinite' the word itself is enough to speak for itself. It is a platform that stands socially gritted in the marketspace for those who tend to be socially infinite. It is a panacea to an influencer in need of management. It is a personalized portal that helps an influencer to manage and maintain their media network. Social infinite is a mediator that provides a platform to individuals to use their power of influence in this new world of marketing, and become an influencer in demand.
It is a landmark for every influencer, that avails influence to reach to the crowd. Our aim lies in making influencer outreach an active and influential marketing style.

How Social Infinite Works

Manage Invites

It often becomes a tedious task to manage individual campaigns, and maintain a record of all the campaigns. Social infinite makes it easy for you to manage your invites and maintains a record of the same on one dashboard.


Some campaigns go lethargic, unnoticed. You might forget to respond. Now let your dashboard manage it for you with the help of Social infinite.


Once you are done with your pending campaigns you can submit them without any failure to do so.

Pockets full

Once you are done with your campaign, and are done with submitting your campaign, you will be paid by the third party in concern.

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