Scarcely had she put on her makeup before he arrived.

Have you been to Hokkaido?

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When you're drunk, some things can seem like good ideas even if they're bad ideas.


Even Leo's enemies admit he's a just man.

He tried to reduce his weight.

The dog's house is outside.

I would want to eat breakfast.

Do you want us to call you a taxi?

I hope they're friendly.

He is not so foolish but he can understand this.

My mom bought me this toy when I was eight years old.

The statesman barely coped with the intricate issue.

Education in this world disappoints me.

Sunil is plowing his field.

After a failed soldering job, this computer is a bit less than fixable.

I wonder where Emmett has gone.


They were free to return to their homes.


I like writing songs about relationships.

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Ramneek noticed Saqib sitting in the audience.


Your cat is black.


There is always the risk of losing all the data on your hard disk.

I'm nothing like him.

Are you with Leif?

Leukocytes are blood cells.

I thought you wouldn't recognize me.


This game is similar in some ways to today's American football.

John appeared busy.

I have to -- oh God oh great -- remember such a string of numbers, great famous Archimedes, help the suffering, give him the power, let him recite by heart those famous, and yet for us irritating, ah, numbers of Ludolph!

I only have one request.

My father is a doctor, and I'm going to be one, too.

The place became a hell on earth.

I couldn't see everything.


The sky is over our heads.


Let's do the deal.


I'm on my way back home.


Tommy is checking his messages.

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Don't wait till the last minute.

Do any of you have anything to say in connection with this?

I never said any of that.

Pim is filling out a job application form.

Stay on your toes, Gene.

Eva has money enough to buy the house he wants.

My language is not on the list!


I'm done with it.

You're not looking at the big picture here.

The washer doesn't fit through the door.

I'm getting along with him quite well.

This argument is utter nonsense.


Vice and I are both nervous.

The truly remarkable feature of sound production by birds is that the two sides of the syrinx can act independently.

I've decided to quit my job at the end of this month.

The athletic meet is an annual event.

Why aren't you going after Miriamne?

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That's a pretty straightforward question.

Who loves war?

Thirteen homes have been destroyed.

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Would it be OK if I stayed home today?

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Has she ever snored?


Harold never told you because he didn't want you to worry about him.

Vladimir had a concussion.

Do you have this shirt in black?

Have you got any pencils?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

When I was in Paris, I became acquainted with two or three painters, and I went to visit their atelier from time to time. I was always fascinated by their method of work and their way of life.

We have two spare rooms upstairs, neither of which has been used for years.

The result doesn't change.

Why are you in a hurry?

Which of them do you prefer?

I wish we had enough money.

Nobody believed them.

Don't anticipate your income.

I just saw a few snowflakes.

Mickey says he met my father.

The lack of a public sphere in Europe is being felt increasingly keenly.

There's no music without rhythm.

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That would've been a good start.

Pull the plug.

If I considered the possibility of catching the flu every time I kiss a girl I don't know, I'd have no luck with the ladies at all.


Registration began October 20th.

The first time, I spoke pretty much no Chinese at all, and didn't understand China's conventions and customs.

The couple was walking arm in arm.


She hadn't given me her name.


I wanted to warn Sharon.


They are both very excited.

How do you operate this machine?

I wonder why would you say that.

We haven't been able to find out much else.

Jessie is my most attractive friend.

I'm trying to find out what happened.

Kent has been stabbed three times.


These cookies aren't expensive, but they taste good.

You're no good.

This TV show tackles issues of teenage pregnancy and homosexuality.

Being able to make onself understood in English is vastly different from mastering the language perfectly.

The exchange of goods and services between the two countries is on the rise.

I ordered a pizza.

It's very obvious that Pradeep likes Alejandro.


How far is it from Osaka to Kyoto?

I asked them the same thing.

He was very tired by hard work.

I had tea instead of coffee this morning.

I'm trying to make a point.


That sports are gaining in popularity all over the world is evidenced by the sports news in the papers by the many sports equipment stores, and by the numbers of runners who participate in marathons or other races.

His aristocratic manners amaze me.

The world today needs to advance its production of food.

I once maxed out 2 credit cards in one day.

I was the only one who didn't fall into the trap.

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The girl resembles her mother very much.

I'm deaf and mute while I'm eating.

I got it started for you.

We're going to want to talk to Liyuan.

Adlai hasn't got much money with him.


You always learn in Tatoeba!

Don't arouse him from his sleep!

What would you have done in his place?

My baby brother still wets his bed.

I think Shuvra is up in the attic.

Nobody can ensure that.

Who can speak English?

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The rota for the next week had not been released yet.

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I think we should do something stupid.

Stu is still there.

I prefer soft drinks without sugar.

Did Luc succeed?

Eileen told Robin that his dog had died.

The billy goat is bleating.

I love her and she loves me.

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Oh, the toast is burned black.

Love happens in the workplace all the time.

Let's find out who killed him.

That is Xiaoli's book.

The nurse is dressed in white.

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Ralf drank three cocktails.

Shuvra watches PBS.

You knew I knew.

The question is where should we park our car.

Have you decided where we are having lunch?

I'm filling in for him again.

I had read it.

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This is the solution.

You may want to slow down.

Hilda is an alcoholic.

Gunter ate one of Ricky's cupcakes.

I don't appreciate being set up.


Since we have no money, it's no use thinking of a holiday.

Their baby has just started to crawl.

You shouldn't make light of a cold.


I thought it was something like this. I tried to come because I was worried.

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I had a date with Jane last night.

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There is a toy shop in the neighborhood.

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He has no family to support.

Where were you the night the factory burned down?

Would one of you please tell me how to do this?

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His advice is always very rational.

Juliane told me about that.

Have you found the umbrella which you said you had lost the other day?

His pain exceeded every threshold.

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter.


Albert spends hours in the bathroom.