I was able to solve the problem.

Daryl is gone.


She is neatly dressed.


The site for the new factory has not been decided.


I've always considered Noemi a close friend.

In the cold light of day, Hein could see that he should have handled things differently.

I like fresh air.


We began with the soup.

Can't you see I'm suffering?

I'm very proud of my gold pocket watch. My grandfather, on his deathbead, sold me this watch.

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I'll go tell everybody that we need to evacuate the building.

I feel very lonely these days.

See you tonight! See you soon!

I found it!

Something has happened to him.

You were so happy.

These are the words to learn.

One can't be everywhere at the same time.

He doesn't speak English; French the less.

Would you please lock the door?

I didn't want to disturb him.

Barbra got a free upgrade to business class.

She wanted to have a lovely wedding.


She talked her into quitting her job.


Jean-Pierre and Susumu discovered something amazing.

Harold had my permission to do what he did.

No matter how you say it, I'm not going to listen to you.

It does not matter which magazine.

Rick may not want to go swimming with us.

The top of the hill was bare.

Why was she laughing?

He consulted with some of the staff on the matter.

I should be with my family.

We abandoned the project because of a lack of funds.

Can anyone confirm that?


The blue dress suits her.


I have to talk to him.

I've heard research has found that men are more likely to tell lies than women.

You're old enough now.


I recommend this movie to all and sundry. It is genuinely interesting.


I've already wasted a couple of afternoons trying to get this car running.

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I have made up my mind to leave Japan.

I never wanted to do that.

How did you guess that?

I think that's why Plastic is here.

America once favored a policy of isolationism.


Jerome crossed the road without looking both ways.

They arrived here in 1997.

She gained her end.


I need you on this.

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Next week I'm going to Vancouver to visit my sister.

Her uncle lives in Switzerland.

Please look into this matter as soon as you can.


"Casper and Nancy" was truly an irredeemable piece of trash.

I wonder how much money Cole has in his wallet.

We arrived at an agreement after two hours' discussion.


Now and then your sister asks our sisters to teach her something.


It was necessary that my uncle should be informed.

She found out that her son had been secretly using her credit card.

I think Christie is creative.


She smokes twenty cigarettes a day.

Lorraine and Aimee think I don't know what happened.

I'll find a way to get a raise.

What is he doing with her?

Agatha didn't read the book his teacher had told him to read.

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I've still got them.


We observed osmosis in today's science experiment.

I wish I could buy that house cheap.

It's been a crazy week.


Neither of them like me.

You should turn off the light before going to sleep.

His ignorance hindered us in our progress.


Why shouldn't I do this?

I hope we're not making a huge mistake.

South Korea is called "Hanguk" in Korean.

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We saw through your lies.

She advised him not to go there by himself.

Did they tell you anything about their plans for this evening?

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I wake him at six every morning.

Olson's friends laughed at Sergiu's joke.

We can buy the gifts in the department stores.

I leave my house at 8:00 in the morning.

I'm probably going to have to leave work a little early today.

Don't fail to call me back.

We must fuel the machine.

A woman is reading a book in the library.

Delbert had every right to do what he did.


Sandeep was a good sport about it.


He's always the scapegoat.

My job pays fairly well.

I'm sad.

I haven't eaten dinner yet this evening.

He received cheers and applause.

I want you to stay quiet for a few minutes.

My eyes don't work very well anymore.

Show me more.

I'll take an impression of your teeth.

How is it going in the fish market?

This makes me angry.

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You must not eat too much ice-cream and spaghetti.


He is going to have to buy them.

It's always the same.

Leila wore a pirate costume.

Don't talk to them.

What a big number!


I brush my hair 100 strokes every night.

Lynnette isn't in a good mood right now.

Both you and Malcolm need to be there tomorrow.

This stuff's radioactive.

I think I have a better idea.


You can be charged with child endangerment for driving while intoxicated if you're carrying passengers younger than 15 years old.

The public accounts committee caucused privately to write their final report, which had to remain confidential until it was formally tabled in parliament.

How many times a week do you take a bath?


Don't you miss your father?

It'll be crowded everywhere.

Bart comes here twice a week.

He walked across the street on a red traffic light.

He regarded her with worship in his eyes.

The youth in Malaysia really like Korean and Japanese celebrities.

I made some mistakes on the test.


One must be an executive in some company.

Did you get this from them?

Lenora is humorous.

Gail does everything.

Jim is not a lawyer but a doctor.


I'm starting college in a couple of months.

I'm beginning to not like you.

Kim must've drugged me.


I like raspberries.


We are flying to Germany on Sunday.

Do you know if Bob has spoken to William recently?

We wonder why.

Everything went well with him.

Why were you looking for Clark?

May I stay here tonight?

The last time Clarence and Charlie went out for dinner, Antony paid.


He practices the piano every day, so he can become a pianist.


You're a bad boy, aren't you?

Just have her call me, OK?

Globalization destroys the diversity of languages.

I dare not tell her the sad news.

Raymond was my first real girlfriend.

He was among the first to start feeling like this.

Let's take each day as it comes.

He didn't even dream about that.

These novels are published in French, as well.


The figure indicates approximately two thirds of the freshmen are indifferent to politics.

I think he really believes it.

We live within easy access of Heathrow.

Let's ask Triantaphyllos why he was late.

Let's at least talk about it.

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At that time nobody lived on the island.

I never dreamed of there being such a quiet place in this noisy city.

Haven't we seen her before?

We've lost power.

I'm very pleased to meet you today.

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I would still like to hear Rajeev's opinion before coming to a conclusion.

I can't wear that dress ever again, Spass. I saw that Siping had the same.

Deportation and genocide are two different things.