Don't be disgusting.

The party was a success.

Today is tomorrow's yesterday.

There was a water mill below the dam.


Giles couldn't take his eyes off Blayne.

This is why I came back.

Dori is half your age.


You can't have it both ways.

He believes in the existence of ghosts.

Please eat a little more.


I don't believe half of what I've been told about you.

Have you read it?

Leith was smart about the way he set all of this up.

Pieter died trying to save a child from a burning building.

Where do we start looking?


I just wanted to be sure.

This is my sister's camera.

Where is the wall?

Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

I've decided to go to Boston.

The spell was broken, and the pig was again transformed into a man.

Would you be so kind as to give me a glass of water?

Juha is the guy I told you about.

It looks like a shopping bag.

The local restaurant is awful.

He's got good rhythm.

Children like playing on the beach.

I'm in a perfect world.

Man is a creature of habit.

We've had a good time.

No other river in Japan is longer than the Shinano.

My mother tried to encourage me to eat a healthier diet.

My answer is yes.

Brett had appendicitis.

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The police observed the man enter the bank.

We should go surf sometime!

Juha has gentle hands.

Pilot likes cockfighting.

"Pop, pop," sounded in the air, and the two wild geese fell dead among the rushes, and the water was tinged with blood.


I skied for the first time.

I knew him very well.

What promotions do you have?


World War II ended and the Olympics were revived in 1948 in London, but the losing countries of the war, Germany and Japan, were not invited.

Please listen to the recording.

Eva likes dogs, but not cats.


What is that building whose door is painted white?

The girl resembles her mother.

He set up as a butcher.

May I ask who you are?

Why are you building a wall here?

According to the weather forecast, the rainy season will set in next week.

The pilot worries that takeoff, which is scheduled to occur in an hour, will be delayed due to fog.

I'm not going to Sanford's.

I just don't agree with Jesse.

He caught three fish.

Life on earth may be expensive.

I paid R$2600.00 for these speakers.

Seeing my younger brother trembling before his bullies sent my heart racing and made me angry at the same time.

It's the day of the Lord.

You are by far the best swimmer of us all.

Rodger did a cartwheel.

"Why were you spying on them?" "I wasn't spying."


Where are they right now?


He ought to have arrived here.

She is as mad as a bag of cats.

Thanks to your help, I could understand the book quite well.

I'm the one that pays all the bills.

The stump is like a phallus of nature.

That book is of no use.

Her hands were cold.


Our principal made a long speech.


Why do you lie for her?

Has Tai been fired?

Would you like a window seat?


Manny asked Marcos what he should do next.

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We can only abuse of things that are good.

Leung is going to be really busy, isn't he?

I thought I made that clear.

It had nothing to do with you.

The person whose name was on the passport was described with words.


Rajiv could've told me the truth.

Your hat should not be worn in the classroom.

I had the porter carry my luggage to my room.


You're not responsible for what Judith did.

Are you sure you want to do this?

Alex and Elliot were laughing at you.

Whew! This is a tough hill. But coming back sure will be a breeze.

Kimmo just wanted to have fun.

Dion caught Chip sneaking out of the house.

I wish I were taller.

I can no longer stand this noise.

Our work concerns peace.


The shadow is fading.

He's a fine young man.

You'll be perfectly safe here with us.

Clean the dirt off the mirror.

I wish to remain here.


No pain, no gain!


Richard told Geoffrey that he would get revenge for his father's death.


The ailerons are hinged on the wings and move downward to push the air down and make the wing tilt up. This moves the plane to the side and helps it turn during flight.


Rand had no intention of ever seeing Stagger again.

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She daringly superimposed herself over all of her persecutors.

Do you watch TV news?

We've known them for years.


I'm not afraid.

He wants meat.

You're still sick. You should stay in bed.

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I told her I'd help her.

Unfortunately, the food supplies gave out before the end of winter.

I can take this to Toufic.


I only went over there to help.

Whichever route you take, you will get there in time.

What time did he say he'd come?

You have at least three options.

Welcome back, Mariou.

We've been doing just fine.

You better sleep.

He put on airs in her presence.

Did you hear the bell?

He sometimes ate out with his family.

His whole family is like that. They're like peas in a pod.

It doesn't make much sense to me that I have to pay more income tax than you even though you make more money than I do.

I'll see you later, OK?


He didn't respond to my question.

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I cannot recall the words of the song.

No doctor can explain that.

Kiki said you were good at skiing.


Randell didn't consider Glynn's feelings at all.

Shutoku wondered whether Bjorne regretted what she'd done.

No one can get in.


Mark has three pens in his pocket.

I just need a minute alone with Brent.

I couldn't meet his expectations.

I told Pierette I'd send him a letter.

After that, I don't remember anything.

Where did you get your camera repaired?

Our condom broke.

Why did you move back in with your parents?

Do you eat veal?

Let's eat.

Don't let the dog out.

All students are supposed to know the school regulations.

Don't keep your eyes on the ground; look at me.

She lent me her bicycle.

Do you want me to try it?

I understand him.

Business has really slowed down.

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I know it's illegal.

In my country, it's usual for pilgrims to beg for alms.

Look, you can't wing the test and expect to ace it, Clyde.


Why are you being such a bully?


Wendell hasn't opened his book yet.

Pia was stabbed with a knife.

The exploiting classes try to immortalize false worldviews to affirm and strengthen their domination.


They're dragging their heels.

I know you're angry with me.

"That's dangerous, I'll clear it up." "It's OK ... Ouch!" "Look, didn't I tell you so?"

I've climbed Mt. Fuji twice.

Shai pleaded no contest to a charge of drunken driving.


Extra special treatment is imperative to get the vessel through government red tape, so that she can leave port on time.

Concrete can be reinforced by putting steel bars inside it.

This train is bound for Tokyo.

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I'll call her back.

The house is not in very good condition.

It just seemed like the right thing to do.