Ashley Tresoline, a Springfield native, grew up with food woven into the fabric of her everyday family life. Her love of food started at a young age helping her Italian grandmother and great-grandmother in the kitchen. It’s where she learned that cooking great food is a labor of love. After being diagnosed with MS more than a decade ago, Ashley found herself needing to take a whole new approach to her overall health.

After her health struggles Ashley saw the value of what clean healthy eating can do for you. It is so important to be aware of how much eating great fresh food can impact our overall health. Ashley even found she missed some of her traditional Italian family dishes and found ways to make them healthier so she could enjoy them all the time. She spent years learning healthy cooking alternatives and the value of farm fresh food.

Ashley created Bella Foodie as a way to spread her love of healthy cooking with the local community. Bella Foodie’s goal is to create delicious, homemade healthy meals that give families the feeling of having a personal chef in their kitchen every night. Food is all about joy, love and family