The cat has just stuck it's claw in my arm.

I love your country.

Teresa is anxious to go abroad.

It is shameful for you that any (penalty) whatever should be lacking which any one might wish to exact from these men.

Tell me why Blair isn't here.


I'm pretty sure that my cat ate my hamster.

Just don't hurt me.

I really enjoyed myself tonight.

I just want out of here.

Dan went outside to see what Linda was doing.


Do you like baseball?

This frame shows the painting to good advantage.

She did it all by herself.

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I don't feel good now.


Please wait for me.


Some people say they can predict the future.

The Prime Minister's press release was full of motherhood statements.

Trevor won't go to the market.

This book is Ali's.

"It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees." "Then why are you still alive?"


I do it because I enjoy it.


We'll be there shortly.

I'm not the one hurting them.

Tobacco acts on the brain.

I want you to know that I'm sorry.

He looked at the sky.

I don't want you anywhere near the medicine cabinet.

I heard that a Perfume song is used in Cars 2.

Antonella claims he was once abducted by aliens.

Brian was grateful when Chris delivered the money on the weekend.

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He is a real gentleman.

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He is always trying to do the impossible.

They sweated.

The topics range from easy to more challenging.

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Knut is going to get killed.

Matti had no idea what was happening.

Buy yourself something to eat.

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Tell Ethan that I don't need his help.

I'm not sure why Darryl is being blamed for the accident.

We don't know anything about Lynne's past.

What would Tammy need?

Common sense is quite rare.

I could stay a while longer if you want me to.

Will tomorrow's breakfast be bread, or rice?

I regret lying to Marsha.

I reached for and tapped his shoulder.

It looks like you've already been replaced.

The mother may well be proud of her bright son.

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They vote in secret, may seek public office, and may demand the removal of public officials who behave improperly.

The man was booked on suspicion of murder,

Ramesh needs you to be strong right now.

We really do see people as we think they are and not as they are.

Certain restrictions may apply.

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They ruined each other by being together.

If you're pretty, but single, then you're not pretty.

You don't know what Lenny is like.

Tell them I'm ready.

Give Renu any help you can.

It doesn't matter whether the cat is white or black; the important thing is that it can catch mice.

Tovah is putting his cigarette off.

He took revenge.

The runners rounded the corner into the homestretch.


How deep this lake is!

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Aren't you going to get Mr Tate?


He won't come to class tomorrow.

I'd like to return this.

Her behavior at the party was far from perfect.

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Annie paid me 300 dollars not to tell.

How much were you paid to say that?

Look, I'm going to bed now.

Coleen has recently been learning how to sing a lot of new songs.

Why wasn't I asked?

Joachim has a big family.

Lowell kept me waiting for thirty minutes.

I've got a feeling that Jason won't graduate this year.

Does Maureen still work here?


Who else knows about it?

The people of London are very proud of this bridge.

I got hurt in the shoulder.

I can't stand that attitude of his.

What line is he in?

In less than a year, she went from straight A's to skipping school.

Who's your favorite singer-songwriter?

I don't want Benjamin at my party.

I know it means a lot to Jesper.

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I have something to ask him.

Can I get my money back?

Normally speaking, Chinese people consider rice to be an important food; the majority of Westerners consider fast food to be an important food.

The girl made a doll out of a piece of cloth.

We asked our teacher: "Can we come to your wedding?"

Marsha didn't have the slightest idea what Randell was talking about.

That's a no-brainer.


The Milky Way is over 100,000 light-years wide.


She nearly fainted when she saw the blood.

It's a rough place out there.

Pradeep seems worried.

Annard opened the box and looked inside.

We go to the movies now and then.

Life is short, though a smile only lasts a second.

This medicine will do wonders for a stuffed nose.

I just got back.

The boy and the girl seem to know each other.

Join us, won't you?

I think of him as a promising journalist.

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I'd like to pick you up now.

How do you derive the length of the circumference? I've forgotten.

What am I going to do about Charles?

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Loren added sugar to his coffee.


Don't give her any ideas.

She has been busy since last week.

You're really an angel!

This is your choice.

Objection, your honor. There is nothing in the record that even remotely substantiates that.

I've never been able to talk to Jean-Christophe.

Children should be allowed to be children.

I want you to consider this proposal.

Mac is trying to avoid arguing with Sriram.

Why is it dangerous?

It is not too much to say so.

Do you think you're modest?

Isabelle and Tobias looked at themselves in the mirror.

Trevor's garage is filled with things that he never uses.

He'll wait for you.


I don't want to be late.


He is discouraged over his wife's death.

I gained three pounds.

That was a big accomplishment.

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Please don't tell Janos what happened.


Boyce took his shirt off.


You'd love them.

I've lost patience with Shawn.

I will have him come here the day after tomorrow.

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As far as I am concerned I can leave today.

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I'll stop giving them chocolate on Valentine's Day.


She went to the bus stop, and the bus took off.

All of her children were born with Down syndrome.

Though only a child, he was interested in reading books on philosophy.

You must be very proud of your daughter.

It's not like Anthony not to call.

It's more polite to say thin than skinny.

We have to focus.

Brandy Jackson didn't report for duty this morning.

Malcolm claimed that he was working at the time.


Don't waste your breath with Fred. He'll never change his mind.

I don't care how long I have to wait.

Give me a copy of this book.

Will these wounds heal?

Isn't that correct?

Chemistry isn't the only thing that stinks.

I installed a new software program yesterday on my computer.

We are keeping a big dog.

Jinchao seems to be crying.


Laurent had all of his suits made to order.

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Lisa leaped to his feet.

Which is your favorite shrike?

Everything turned out all right in the end.


I want my kids to be safe.

I was ashamed of having said so.

Will you make me up a dress if I give you the material?

Midori ate the most oranges.

Sir stood in line for an hour.


Raphael's pulse is low.