Let's contribute to this project.

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Tracy comes to Boston once a year.

The woman he married is very beautiful.

I don't think this is a good approach to biology.

As I was struck on the head, I was unconscious for some time.

The project is more than two years behind schedule.

It almost sounds like you don't want to go.


I thought it'd be easier.

I used my windshield wiper to clean the snow on my window.

Prakash didn't get upset.

He kept looking at the picture.

I hope the weather clears up before we have to leave.

Thanks for agreeing to come.

He reads French and German, not to speak of English.

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Who was Queen Elizabeth?


Krzysztof was the first guy I ever kissed.

I always said that Croatia is the wonderland.

You may use it any time.

Many people came to the meeting yesterday.

I want to keep on living with him.

All of his friends thought that he was happy.

Jess was happy and carefree.

Andrew might hire Ravindran, but I don't really know for sure.

Natraj never gave me the details.


May I open the curtain?

The girls kissed each other at the bar.

It's raining hard.


Bobbie is being evasive again.

Marsh arrived a day sooner than we expected.

Thanks Dimitry, I appreciate it.

He made me promise not to tell.

Dominick's family loved Philippe.

How do you even know that?

Say it in plain terms.

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Ronald tried his best not to get paint on his clothes.


Good that you told me, otherwise I would never have remembered it.

This is the best party I've been to all year.

A thunderbolt is likely to fall any minute.

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We cannot tell which is better.


Stephanie promised me he'd come.

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Are you willing to help me?

Dorian sat alone.

Recently I started smoking again.


I always buy expensive items on credit.

I came to surprise them.

I wonder if Glynn would really do something like that.

No sooner had Kuldip turned on the TV than the fuse blew.

Del says that he wants to be buried here.


Vern signaled Bonnie to stop.

Everyone has a signed contract.

This is a beautiful field of lavender in France.

Morris pushed Grant too hard.

I had the strangest thought ever.

Jerald thought the food Lynnette had prepared tasted pretty good.

The evening performance at the Royal Theater had ended, and the audience had gone home.


Have them come see me.

I'll go, even if it rains tomorrow.

I don't know if you remember Radek.

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You'll accept the gifts.

Nothing extraordinary happens in simple and ordinary ways.

I cannot coo like a pigeon. I'm a hawk.

The peace talks have been suspended for a while.

Mysore's passport has been confiscated.

I'm not supposed to let Chuck see this.

That's exactly why I came!

May I ask your first and last names?

We'll have a lot more fun if Manavendra comes, too.

He will fall ill sooner or later.

Ramadoss needs to decide what to do.

Starbuck opened the door and looked in.

Are there any beaches in Germany?

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What's the difference between a village and a city?

Jianyun told Daniel that her French was good.

Do you trust him?

He seems to have been rich before.

The tall man wears a tie.

She said her name was Glynn.

The park was empty.


I think they're plotting something.


You always try to get what you want.

Here's the reason that girls like cucumbers.

Why don't your students read that well?

John is sure to win the game.

I just don't want to believe it.

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Oskar tugged on Dorothy's arm.

A butane cylinder weighs 35 kg.

She passed the test at the expense of her social life.

The economy is in turmoil once again.

She was scared at the sight of the dead body.

The girls work.

It happened that she was taking a bath.

Debbie jumped to his feet and ran out of the room.

The cold lasted three weeks.


I think Brandy needs a little help.

It is only too true.

It is lucky that the weather should be so nice.

Cary gave Gary a big hug and a kiss.

We ate the pizza.

Some developing countries are faced with financial crises.

They are a good couple.

Micah said that would change.

Did you get a massage?

Be quiet, he might hear us.

I don't care what Leung tries to do.

If you should have problems, my father and I will help you.

I've given Earnie everything he's ever asked for.

One thing Jos really enjoys is playing chess with Stephanie.

Thoughts of hope, dreams I'll never find.

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I bought this book the other day.

He was poisoned by the globefish he ate.

Beverly didn't read the fine print on his insurance policy, and was shocked to find that his claim wasn't covered.

He's offered to help.

I may do; it would depend on circumstances at the time.

Woody should help Emma with the housework.

I've already spoken with her.

It is only in accepting others that we can tear down our own barriers.

Janet says that he's willing to do it for free.


You seem a little depressed.

What did he think of, when saying that?

I little imagined that she would come.

Your shoes do not go with the suit.

We don't need a formal institution for preserving peace.


The car was turned into scrap.

Dan didn't even make it through the front door.

I think putting thieves to death is not lawful; and it is plain and obvious that it is absurd and of ill consequence to the commonwealth that a thief and a murderer should be equally punished.

You can't seriously be considering this.

Oh God. I'm not looking forward to cleaning the bathroom.


She's still dependent on her parents.

You can see the whole city from here.

This is the first time I've ever caught a bird.

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We're about to meet Erik.

I don't think they're capable of doing that.

Thanks for everything, Sekar.

My jeans won't fit. Did they shrink?

Who is working at the meeting room?

Kamel left the house about 2:30.

It was stressful.

Either you go now or I will make you go.

This medicine will cure you of that disease.

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Arlene needs our guidance.

I have no particular reason to do so.

I just saw some things I couldn't identify.

In some places, people died of hunger.

Troy is nearly blind.


You deserve more.

I was in the library.

The roof of my house is red.

I didn't sleep enough.

This yacht is very expensive.

We're all angry.

I hear the buzz of a fan, the drip of the faucet, the hum of the fridge, the tick of the clock, the whoosh of cars passing by the house.

You're very fortunate to have such good friends.

Rodney wasn't supposed to show the contract to Novorolsky.

Why did you come to me?

He gave up cigarettes.

I have a working theory.

The beginning of a sentence starts with a capital letter.


The Intel people are lucky to have you!

Pamela couldn't eat peanuts when he was a child.

Let's forget that.

That's why we didn't attack.

I can bring it.

There is a glass sculpture in the garden.

The ocean stretched as far as the eye could see.


Halve that!


My parents love her.

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Why didn't you help me?

I've never had problems like yours.

Where was Toerless yesterday?