I have a home in the mountains.

In cooking we cannot hold a candle to the Chinese.

If you want to be credible, tell people only what they believe.

I don't want to die here!

I'll be okay by myself.

He told us to depart at once.

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I think it necessary for you to study harder.

You can't just walk away.

I'd like to go with him.

Of course they resemble each other in some ways.

Nothing makes Ernst happy.

Nicolas says that he's too busy to fall in love.

So far everything has been successful.

Vijay drove really fast.

Along with his children he fled the country.

It is a fish.

I don't want anything to jeopardize our friendship.

The accident has caused many deaths.

Do you recognize my voice?

I have an eclectic taste in music.

We both know that's a lie.

Food prices have been going up.

Actions are successfully achieved with deliberation but ruined by carelessness.

It's out of the question.

I personally don't care.

He had little, if anything, to say.

Encryption technology has advanced to the point where it's pretty reliable.

The coup attempt was foiled at the last moment.

Congratulations on being accepted to the school you've always wanted to go to.

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Have you ever seen Lorraine without makeup?

Your father's gone, Ami -- you've got to accept that.

You've definitely gotten better at French.


Did you have to do that?


Jesus and Shamim have an understanding.

Juan thinks I'm going to drink this, but I'm not.

I love you.


Julianto told me that he thinks Spyros is cute.

Tell Michael what he wants to hear.

Bob went about building his castle in Spain when he spoke of inheriting his father's wealth.


Several races live together in America.


He is a fox of a man.

Go to your quarters.

Aren't you interested?

Alejandro helped himself to a cup of coffee.

Finding Nathaniel won't be easy.

Do you know how busy I've been?

Barton seemed to think that you and I used to be married.


Everett was busy, so he couldn't help us.

Kriton didn't mind.

They want to donate money.

Kenn told Syd he'd never been to a nude beach.

In Saudia, women do not drive cars.

Any word in Esperanto is easy to read.

There nothing so difficult but it becomes easy by practice.

Wit is to conversation what salt is to food.

She would take him home if it was necessary.

Jeffie and Judy are getting married tomorrow.

At the ominous word "liberality", Scrooge frowned, and shook his head, and handed the credentials back.

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We're looking into that.

They made the novel into a drama.

When the shooting began, I just prayed.


I would've done exactly what you did.

She peeled him an apple.

I'm going to meet Swamy at the station at 2:30.

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Just to be clear, this was not me.

Would you mind telling me where you're going?

I saw a dirty dog enter the garden.


Manuel expected it to cost a lot more.

I need to use your phone to call the police.

We do not insist that you do things our way.

List gave Earle a potted plant.

Do you want to stay here or go?


That's just a yarn.

I love you and I will always love you.

We saved you a seat right here.

Everyone around the area works hard.

They have sugar.

I think we're out of danger.

She looked glamorous.

What happened to it?

She likes him.

Father takes a bus to his office.

You ought to know better than to do such a thing.

It's no use for him to try to find out the real reason.

Thierry stopped.


This is not a rock. It's a mineral.


Blake thought it was hilarious.

Kathy fried an egg.

Could you survive alone in the wilderness?

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Team members are provided with equipment and uniforms.

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We're not like that.

I followed Russ's orders.

Do you want to hold my dog?

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The army surrendered its arsenal to the enemy.

It is likely that he has made such a careless mistake.

I'll try to find him for you.


Do you know what they call alternative medicine that works? Medicine.


They don't know what went wrong.

To tell the truth, he is not a human being.

I went to bed very late.

This castle overlooks the city.

It was tremendously exciting to be in Boston at that time.

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I'm not going to talk about it.

He is said to have made a fortune in oil.

Suddenly Kikki began to cry.

I'm getting really mad now.

That's clever.

Do you subscribe to any monthly magazine?

The salaryman proposed to the director's daughter, but he was rejected.

It's one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

I know you are left handed since you wear your watch on your right arm.


I met an otolaryngologist at a party on Sunday.

You don't know anything about Thad, do you?

You've come a long way, Part.

The students around her were talking about the test.

I'm dying of exhaustion.

It's easy to hear you.

There's one thing I must tell you.

I'm not a tattletale.

That's not happening till October 20th.

Wendy waved.

How did you find it?

Andries doesn't seem to have made any enemies.

Anatole jumped out of his car and ran away.

Syed exercises.

Can you believe it? He's even lazier than me.

Brothers should not quarrel.

Nick said he needed to get in touch with Johan.

It won't be long before that happens.

Child, why are you crying? Tell me.

I've been out in the sun all day.

Life is very hard.


They heard him come downstairs.

He was excommunicated.

What is your line of work?

It will soon be New Year.

What are your plans, Granville?

You can't go.

He circulated the letter among the members.


Do you still love Karl?


True bravery is quite another thing from bravado.


Why didn't Teri come back?

Where else should we go?

The coins are metal.

I'm on my way to meet them now.

I was wild with joy.

Nothing is more contemptible than respect that is based on fear.

I'm supposed to help you.


She was young and innocent.

He would often swim in this river.

I'll get him to help you.


It was as gloomy inside the mansion as the sunlight was dazzling outside.

Children are the flowers of life.

I'll share both troubles and joys with you.


She played the piano with enthusiasm.


Leave it alone!

I don't think this is working.

We're avoiding her.

Your ideas are welcome.

There is a generation gap between them.

This belt fits me too tightly.

This should've never happened.

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If I am not mistaken.

When can I see you next time?

Thanks to them, I got well at last.

I wanted to ask Sanjay why.

He was regarded as the greatest writer of the day.

This sanza is really good!

There was nowhere we could hide.