Here's where the truth comes out.

What's different from Japan is that the doctors of Singapore generally all know each other.

That's okay.

It's no use arguing with Leora.

Health is above wealth, for the former is more important than the latter.

The insulation shouldn't burn.


Fay said he'd be here in a few minutes.


I've just come back.

Speak clearly.

We sat and waited.


He's another poor fool.

I exhausted myself by walking a long distance.

I'll do whatever I can to help you.

I heard they caught her.

You should stay upstairs.


I'm seeing him this evening.

He likes to smoke while taking a shit.

I came here to give you something.


That comedian is very funny.

I would like to eat.

I've left Sedovic three messages.

Next year we'll recur to this issue.

I'm interested in oriental pottery.

The discussion will be over soon.

I'd like to get this translated into French. Could you help me?


Isaac is packing.

Stop screaming! You're giving me a headache.

It is out of the question to learn all these sentences by heart.

I'm not a fighter.

Neither one of them are here.


I got tired from all the running around.

He tried to stab me in the back.

I don't care about your race or age or religion.

Hirotoshi couldn't be with us today.

Do you have a needle to sew on these buttons?

Panacea was the only one who didn't hand in his homework on time.

I couldn't get Marilyn to buy that, no matter what I tried.

Did Jean have any history of heart problems?

This kind of food is really popular in Boston.

I can't talk to them now.

Why do we have to go to that meeting?

Just help me.

As everyone knows, today is a very significant day for us.

Did you know Shel was seeing someone else?

I saw his car make a right turn.

I've been having a lot of back pain.

I like your friend very much.

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Let me introduce you to my sister.


My hometown is very pretty.

You stole the money, didn't you?

Matthieu always helps Nicholas to do the dishes.


What's that building?

The girl looked embarrassed at his rude question.

We just made too many mistakes.

Unfortunately, there may be complications.

I caught sight of him as I entered the room.

Why don't you have some wine?

Our interests clash with theirs.

I was dumbstruck.

It's very quiet here, isn't it?

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A critic is a hen that clucks while others are laying.

The prince and the jester had a lot in common.

Jim probably thought I was allergic to peanuts.

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What's your wife's name?


She was anxious about her job.

You have my word on her sincerity.

Old started digging.

Jitendra turned red.

You're better able to do it than I am.

I'm pretty sure that Juliet won't do that.

If a sick person folds one thousand paper cranes, her wish will come true.

China's growth rate is the fastest in human history.

You've done more than enough.


I defy you to tell the genuine article from the fake.

Please go on ahead.

She is beautiful, intelligent and, what is best of all, very kind-hearted.

Can you move so I can get by?

Dinner will be ready in thirty minutes.

I'm writing to him.

Correlation does not imply causation.

His unique perspective helped shed light on the situation.

Recently, I don't have much appetite.


Whose turn is it to drive?

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He caught her by the arm.


It's sort of fashionable, but the price is too high!

May I talk with you in private about the matter?

I came here without Claude's permission.

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I don't have enough time to do everything that needs to be done.

He quickly runs out of breath.

I cringed.

Is it OK if I go over to Heather's house to play?

I was surprised when Vincent said he wasn't very happy here.

What can we do for you?

A strong wind arose.

My father manages the store.

Mara went to a cheesemonger's shop to buy some cheese.


Nicholas took off all his clothes.

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Konstantinos gave Gypsy permission to drive his car.


When does school start?

Everyone's someplace else.

This did not worry Jefferson.


I motioned to her not to smoke.


I am talking with Cindy.

If there be fear, it would cause failure.

Vladimir was caught red-handed trying to steal lipstick.

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I see where this is going.

Thanks for your help on this one.

Look at this old coin you have here.

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Change is needed.


Two copies of the current agreement were printed and will be signed by the two sides.

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I see you've got your appetite back.

You need to get help, Antony.

You were tired.

Po looks like he's having fun.

Honesty and truth are essential principles we have been learning since childhood.


Trent wasn't looking at Stanly, but he was listening to everything she was saying.

The Rodin museum in Paris is magnificent.

He occasionally visited me.

Today isn't my birthday.

Earnie is in prison for murder.


It is obvious that his condition has not worsened.

I can tell you that that didn't happen.

This agreement holds good for a year.

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Whenever he comes to this place, he orders the same dish.


I just got Tyler to sleep.

We had Damon paint the wall.

We have to leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

Firemen don't wear inflammable outfits.

The old man looked wise.

Can you read that sign ahead of us?

The calendar interests her.

That's what I hope for.

I've never been so proud of you.

Woody loves kung fu.

I saw Mitchell in my dreams.

Can you please come fix this?

You break it, you buy it.

Would you like to know who did that?

I should probably help them.

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Using the rudder and the jib with the wind behind it we backed up, turning the bow to the direction we wanted to go.

I didn't hit anybody.

Much to my dismay, Ramadoss came to the party wearing a prurient dress.


I'll phone you before I start.


I keep calling, but I can't get a hold of Suu.

Do you think it's dangerous to eat genetically modified food?

Laurence dashed out into the street.

During the bubble, people dreamed of a life of leisure.

Gigi has made up his mind to go to Boston to study.


I thought you might want something to drink.

It's a good day for a cabinet reshuffle.

I searched the drawer for the key.

Whichever you choose, make sure it is a good one.

I think he's way cuter than Jon.

Maybe this was a mistake.

I don't know where Root was going.

When was the last time Jelske came to visit?

Pollutants like this derive mainly from the combustion of fuel in car engines.

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I think Hillary is adaptable.


Animals cannot exist without air and water.


That was pathetic.


After hardening, you can use your new vase to hold flowers.