I wish I had never come here.

I had trouble getting a taxi.

The wooden chair costs sixty libras.

You can tell them what you want.

A closed fist can indicate stress.

History is replete with the stories of unappreciated genius.

A cellar was dug on top of the hill and they slowly moved the house from the road to the hill.

Irfan wants to see us.

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But you don't want to bend the knees too much.


That's the only possible explanation.

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I'm open-minded.

Why hasn't this land been developed?

I sell clothing online.

His monthly income amounts to half a million yen.

We're not going to let him die.

Celia was carjacked.

She accompanied him on the piano.


Curt quickly closed the door.


That's a good sign.

I had Mario do it instead.

On December 13, 1981 martial law was declared in Poland.


Dave never returned to school again.

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Leon is a much better chess player than me.


As fluently as she speaks French, she may have studied in France.


Danny isn't as smart as he thinks he is.

She wished to punish only those responsible.

Valerie didn't anticipate that that would happen.

Plants do not have a brain.

The time will come when you will be sorry for it.

We're on the wrong train.

Why did you challenge Hwa?


She has not so much patience as you.

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Why do we need him here?

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They abandoned their homeland.

Wendell took his watch off and laid it on the table.

"You're here to follow my orders." "You wish!"

When did you have time to do all this?

Did you do your homework by yourself?

We play football every Saturday.

Earl said that once brought back to life, the vampire could not be killed.


What can be seen in this picture?


That is a hotel.

He loses his temper quite easily.

I don't want you eating donuts every morning.

We have to figure out a way to get this machine to work under water.

The young couple was accompanied by a chaperone.

He must be somewhere about.

We must go and see her.

What do nurses spend most of their time doing?

I'll check on her.


Fuckin' asshole!

It's 10 a.m.

I bought milk today.

What are you guys talking about anyway?

I was just thinking about him.

You should've gone to Boston.

I'll get on to her right away.

It won't take much longer.

Art had his reasons for staying in Boston.


I have a small favor to ask of you.

You have nothing to worry about.

Naim paid no attention to Mehrdad's warning.

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I suggest you don't ask Jun that question.

That's what's wrong with you.

Your method of teaching English is absurd.


The house was so flooded that I had to swim to the kitchen.

Hank has been great.

Birds always return to their nests.

Alan said that he didn't have time to answer all my questions.

I'll wait till four o'clock.

Who will console him?

Tell me all the details.


Too much humility is pride.


It's difficult to eliminate cheating.

The dog wants to go outside.

Do you think it will fit?

When will you stop scheming?

Your idea is absolutely impossible.


What kind of movies do you watch?


From now on, they can do whatever they like.

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I do not believe in socialism.

I said that wasn't what I meant.

Siping hoped the rain would stop before he had to walk home.

I know it's easier said than done but in my opinion you should challenge it.

I saw you while you were still under the fig tree before Philip called you.

Stop talking about me.

Maybe someone can help you do that.


Experience is acquired with time.

Nathaniel armed himself with a knife.

Prices here are out of this world.

Mark told me his father was rich.

I was informed of his failure in the examination.

Refugees in that camp have been living from hand to mouth for a month.

I wish I could change, but I can't.

We just want Scott back.

You've got to respect Rudolf.

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Let's hear the rest of your story.

I don't believe much of what Shyam says.

Every man should learn how to cook.

We like to play soccer.

Before the advent of video games children played cowboys and Indians.


I'm an old friend of Barrio's father.

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I really want you to quit.

We heard her cry.

I'll see her before that.

Marty didn't even try to help Fritz.

The similarity is pretty vague.


Kemal was cheering for Nelken.

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Here I want to bring the introduction to a close and get to the real subject.

He pleaded guilty.

Are you telling me there's more?

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I won't tell anyone about him.


He often plays guitar.


I do not have anything I need to say to Vance.

These kinds of mistakes are inevitable.

Why are you running?


Canada is larger than Japan.


I think it's going to rain today.

Sanjeev's mother was crying.

I'm waiting for my turn.

People will buy anything.

Malaclypse helped Beverly find her daughter.


Taking a hot bath helps me take my mind off my worries.

What were you guys talking about?

It's a miracle that he wasn't killed in the accident.

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He said he's lost with that math topic.

At most, Henry has six dollars.

Myrick never used to be so busy.

I thought it was an important decision.

If I can't have Junior as my child, then no one can!

Many scientists affirm that life on Earth didn't come up by chance.

We'll meet her.

I don't think that's a good reason.

They already know.

I've met them a few times.

I might tell you everything.

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China is a great country.

By the way, do you think that when you die that's it?

I'm studying with her.

Did you ever hear anything like it?

I found her letter in the mailbox.

Those who search, find.

Slartibartfast has always wanted to go to Australia.

Can you sit for the exam next week?

We really hate them.


I want very much for you to understand.


Ro gives us what we need.

With the window broken, we could not keep the room warm.

She needed 10.5 liters of nitric acid for the experiment.

I assume that Harold will swim.

By good luck, he was in time for the train.

A republic is a nation whose head is not a king or queen, but a president.

There are many different kinds of clocks, including wristwatches, wall clocks, digital watches, gold watches, cuckoo clocks, quartz watches, stopwatches, timer and tower clocks.

We should look around.

We really appreciate you helping us.

The boy ran and ran toward the goal.

He said farewell as he was about to leave.


She looked as though she had seen a ghost.

Someone help me.

I'd better go find Cecilia.