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I was incredibly bored.

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They met on the way to work.

I'm never late for school.

What if she says no?

You're so hot.

Can you show me the word in the dictionary?

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Did you go and see Jill?

She always complains of her teacher.

Young as he is, he is very careful.

But how did you manage to recognise us?

The discovery will have a momentous effect on the treatment of cancer.

I want the time and the health to finish my Icelandic textbook.

I can stop smoking anytime I want.

I can't leave Sysko alone.

Colin said he needed more money.

The economy of the country kept growing for years.

When do you think you'll see him?

I don't have the slightest idea what is considered so great about Boston.

You can't buy respect.

I didn't want to talk to anyone.

The towel was quite useless.

Roman wasn't in the mood to accept Pam's apology.

Surely Harvey is aware of that.


Olson sleeps on his back.

After my graduation, I'd like to go to Shanghai, in order to study China's history.

You can tell me all about that some other time.

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Linda came to return a book he'd borrowed.

It was sort of fun.

Her mother has gone shopping.

I translated everything Manolis wrote into French.

Our school prohibits us from going to the movies alone.

He seems to have been ill for a long time.

I said I wasn't serious.

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He can't work properly until he's had his cup of joe.


This job requires a few essential tools.

My wife's father is my father-in-law, I am his son-in-law, and my father is my wife's father-in-law.

Every house had a garden.

He has ten children.

The barber cut his hair.

Deb worked very hard today.

We can help you now.

I don't feel at all tired.

I knew Stacey would like Irvin.


There is no one in the house.

That sucks.

Even though Floria is only sixteen, he looks like he's over twenty.

Gregge is going to be so surprised.

You won't believe what just happened!

Vice doesn't seem to be very hungry.

The President has made clear that it is time to turn the page on an era of reckless lending and taxpayer bailouts.

They'll like that.

I wish I could talk to them.

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It's made of fine cotton.

She took pains to educate her children.

How tall are you, and how much do you weigh?


I'm not working.

The chicken was wonderful.

We're going back to Boston.

As the lessons were over, the children went home.

He had a crush on his Chinese teacher; but what with all the hormones, he had a crush on just about everyone.

It is difficult to give up a long love suddenly.

The vicar often refers to the Bible in his sermon.

Here, take my coat and scarf.

Ramon could've figured that out.

I am interested in books.

Liza opened the bag.

We didn't listen to music.

Trey despises Norm.

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I think that went really well.

What was the hotel called? I can't remember.

May I have a bus schedule?

I will never forget the feeling that came over me when the burglar pointed his pistol at me.

I refuse to work.


The man's statement to the pretty girl that he was a millionaire was all eye-wash.


They danced all night long.

Who was sitting here?

Do you believe our destinies are controlled by the stars?

I met Mattias in Spain.

I didn't say that.

Melinda walked all the way home.

Unable to pay the rent, I asked him for assistance.

Jose knocked him down.

Reinhard is gullible.

He tidied up his room.

I had no idea Teri would quit.

I want to show you around town.

I like to eat lamb kebabs.


He is wearing sunglasses.


Jimmy was attacked by a shark.

I never drink beer before lunch.

I don't rightly know.

There are people to whom, null is a positive number.

Sentence # 3066511 in Tatoeba is sentence # 10000 in interlingua.

I felt the house shake a little. Didn't you?

I don't want to interrupt Kamel while he's working.

Tell your friends they have to leave.

Let's watch the game.

Err! Sorry, you are incorrect!

Have you heard of Rajarshi Jackson?

Call me whenever you want.

He could not bear to think of his dog being sold to that cruel man.

Who else hates Geoffrey?

My family just moved here from Boston.


You've invited your friends as well?

It's that important.

Something must be done immediately to deal with this problem.

You should not speak so loud.

Some of them are clever.


Everybody cheered.

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One of the reasons Twitter is popular in Japan is a characteristic of Japanese itself: Japanese uses ideograms which enable it to convey more information in just 140 characters than other languages, not counting Chinese. Incidentally, the Japanese version of this sentence is written with exactly 140 characters. How many characters does it take in other languages?

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I didn't tell you to sit.


Many drivers abandoned their cars in the snow.

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I'm afraid of losing you.

I have fought with my whole heart.

I have seen James recently.

Take it back.

Hans opened the trunk.

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The company president's welcome was so long that we were squeezed for time in the second half of the ceremony.


Everybody is cheering.

Virginia's eyes grew dim with tears, and she hid her face in her hands.

Gene didn't let me in on his secret.

I thought everyone knew.

She knows why.


A strong veteran, having trained for tens of years, can fall to a weakling in a moment of laxness. That's what the martial arts world is.

We have lots of questions, too.

Alejandro deserved that.

We probably shouldn't talk here.

I knew Walter wouldn't pass the exam.

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His opinion comes into conflict with mine.

Kerri poured some tea for me.

He was hammered.

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We will know the truth before long.


I don't like the way people talk about you.

The water mains burst due to the earthquake.

Your homework assignment has to be turned in by the 20th.

I don't like spiders.

Apples are usually green, yellow, or red.

The table was groaning with food.

Do you want to join us for a drink afterwards?

We make a great couple.

I'm from Serbia.

How handsome!

All the orchestra were pleased with their success.

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These shirts are selling like hotcakes.


Ravindranath wasn't able to contact Seenu by phone.


I'm sorry to trouble you so often.

Can anyone hear me?

The man sees what he thinks is a young girl.

Nobody likes impolite salesmen.

I thought I was talking to Torsten.

I want to see that movie again.

We thought some students would come, but there was nobody the classroom.

The players had to throw the ball from one to another to try to get the ball over the other team's baseline.

Care to join me, handsome?

I can't get used to seeing Valerie in this state.

I was just disconnected all of a sudden, damn connection problems.

Hawaiian has the shortest alphabet: seventeen letters.

"Would you mind opening the window?" "Of course not."

I'm not sure how it happened.

This restaurant is particular about cutlery.

The program was broadcast over the radio yesterday.

Doing exercises to strengthen one's peripheral vision is recommended for those interested in learning how to speed read.

He is my husband.

You are carrying your joke a bit too far.

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My daughter's pet is a rat.

I can't compete.

A person who is born in France is a French.


She got on a bus for Harajuku.