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Is Mitch really busy?

Michael is a brave girl.

Buy six meters of that cloth.


I know who's on the list.


The right mind is the mind that does not remain in one place.


The forest is home to many different kinds of plants and animals.

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Fabien has a lot of good ideas.


I feel heavy in the head.

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I wonder if anybody can help us.

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The Tatoeba corpus contains so many contributions that it can not be seriously damaged or denatured by the injection of any conceivable amount of noise.

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Few girls can even speak to him.

Daniel can't leave.

It's not bugging me.

Jacques is decorating her pottery.

I hope to meet you all again.

This doesn't look so good.

She accompanied her friend to the concert.


Peel off for product code.

He has gone to Italy to study music.

Ed is being held hostage.


The Bill of Rights amended the U.S. Constitution.

That made him angry.

It is technically possible.

I don't want to be the bad guy anymore.

Why don't you tell me what happened?


I'll be home by noon.


"I thought you'd give this laughter its due!" "This is crud! They're laughing at me!" "You don't say?"

Do you have any rooms with a shower and toilet?

I don't like the sun, I prefer the rain and dance under it.

I'd like to hear Irfan sing.

With that performance, you have surpassed yourself. Congratulations!

Magnus doesn't often let Helen drive his car.

Metin asked me if I had finished my homework yet.

I didn't realize you were already here.

Can you cash this check for me?

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My daughter went to Britain three years ago.

I had a fancy that I could see him approaching.

Please speak English.

Who's bag is this for?

He showed great courage during his illness.

You must not give up.

I thought you might come.

Did you see the way she looked at me?

You bought (it), the man bought (it).

At last, I passed the test.

Don't you want to talk to us?

This is actually old news.

Stay here all night if you want.

What don't I understand?

Valerie seemed taken aback.


He is still young.

Would you like to hear the story about Paul Bunyan?

Is there some other place you'd rather be?

Not being careful of his health, he fell ill.

Claire didn't want to wear the shirt that his mother had gotten him for Christmas.

I had stage fright at first, but I got over it quickly.

Bring me some water, would you?


Dominick has a wife and kids.

I couldn't fall back to sleep.

Antony fell off the roof and broke three ribs.

I feel like I've done all I can. Now all there is to do is wait and see what comes of it.

I had a lot of help.


We were worried something had happened.


Stanley never keeps his word.


I can't spend the rest of my life living with Hughes.

Turn around slowly.

Jason thinks I love him.

When Roberta finds out about it she'll throw a fit.

I went for a walk early in the morning.


Are you seeing someone else?

So far there has been only one participant who won one million Israeli Shekels in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in Israel.

Have you gone completely insane?

I think that Shintaro speaks English well.

The TV program seemed very interesting.

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They're closed today.

You may talk as much as you like.

Trying was touchy.

We studied the Concordance to Shakespeare to accumulate examples of alliteration.

It's a sop to Cerberus.

Pratap is lighting a cigarette.

One morning he went for a walk.

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Those who use forks or chopsticks often think people who don't are uncivilized.

A museum is a great place to find a date.

There were no newspapers.

He went blind from the accident.

She's hiding something from me.


Maarten didn't want me to come to Boston.

Alexis is always asking for money.

He finishes his homework before going to bed.

We never should've done that.

Marnix never seems to have much to say.

Much to our surprise, he was good at singing.

The knight swore an oath of allegiance to the king.

Murray struggled to express how he felt.

We'll do it when we have time.

Gregg may get suspicious.

I want to know the details.

Just tell me what you're looking for.

Which countries have you visited?

Workers put up with silly rules for a long time.

You work too much. Have a break!

I'm at my best when I'm challenged.

You're insincere.


I didn't forget about you, Sylvan.


Where did you crumble them?

People with bad vision cannot see far.

Naresh closed his eyes and tried to concentrate.

Hwa had a week's worth of beard on his face.

Let's concentrate on what needs to be done today.


I'll try to keep up with her.

I promised Leon I wouldn't tell anyone.

He is not young.

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Do we have anything else to eat?

They all loved Gary.

Ima doesn't seem very pleased.


I didn't answer your letter because I was too busy.

Gerard is too drunk to drive home.

Tell me your name, honey!

I wish I had something to drink.

Get in touch with me as soon as you arrive here.

Do the police know about this?

I know you're angry with me.


Nothing is achieved without struggle.

This coat fits you perfectly.

Do you get it?


I found his house with ease.


There are no books under the desk.

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Anyone with an opinion please raise their hand.

This antique clock is worth one thousand dollars.

Fletcher is going to contact you.


Gimme something to write on.


As you requested, I have attached a recent passport-sized photograph.

Did you really just say that?

Am I writing in Japanese?

How's the research paper coming along?

I wish I'd never asked you to do that.

He restricted his drinking to one beer a day.

However, exceptions have occurred.


It will cure you of your headache in no time.

I want the same style of jacket as yours.

Are you watching it?

I was disgusted with his pointless talk.

We're not going to wait for Surya.

I find just the memory of his overly polite patronizing manner really offensive.

Nobody had Internet in my country.

Sure, I'll do it.

I had a pleasant dream last night.


Matt is a powerful acquisition for our team.

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Raja suddenly felt like he was going to faint.

He kept quiet while we were talking.

Bonnie and Siping fell in love with each other at first sight.

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Let's drink to our charming hostess!

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We wouldn't care.

You've lost some weight, haven't you? Are you eating properly?

You called the wrong number.

She asked me whether I was perhaps not feeling very well.

I don't see them a whole lot.


Let's go and sit in the shade.

Maybe that's where the secret lies.

We've come for Spy's things.