The people working here seem to know what they're doing.

What's the speed limit on this road?

I'm proud of that.

There are fifty states in America.

Rick anticipated that.

Could you explain it to us?


Sunil isn't my patient.

You and I must give him our present.

Siping wasn't sure if she was dreaming or if all this was a reality.

Uri elbowed his way through the crowd.

My happiness is complete.


The school administration blamed Marie.


It was natural for him to be familiar with jazz.

The future pilot is trained in a mock cockpit.

She saved money for a rainy day.

I hated them.

Many people do not realize, and often underestimate, the importance of good health.

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Calvin has a large gun collection.

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Can we stop at the post office?

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Yesterday I did not play tennis.

I need to talk with you about Guido.

I'd really love to meet her.


You should have bought a Teflon-coated pan.

Don't hesitate to ask me.

He doesn't know who I am.

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I'm ever so sorry!

Why would anyone do such a thing?

The suitcases were ready for loading.

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Women get penalized for being assertive at work.

I'm thinking of going to Boston next week.

The ship dropped anchor in the harbor.


I'll do that for you if you want me to.

Sanity is now being questioned by the police.

How do you know Edward is going be there?

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I'm proud of my children.


Root had reasons to be angry.

Barricades across driveways say "Keep Out."

We drank shochu at the karaoke bar.

They blocked his proposal.

This is not exactly my idea of having fun.

He drank a great swig from the bottle.

Are you going to tell me that you and Tiefenthal never dated?

I don't believe that Ken will return.

Dimetry couldn't completely rule out the possibility that Dawn had killed herself.

This plan can hardly be improved upon.

Why are you so surprised?


Have some respect.


I'm on my way over.


Can you tell me instead, why the planets on the screen are coloured the way they are?

He is sitting cross-legged.

Are you waiting for us?

A button's fallen off the jacket.

Everything will work out.

Many trees lose their leaves in the winter.

You don't have to do that either.

Jarmo was up when Syd came home.

Everyone likes a peacock dance.

Is Marsha looking for them?

What's the product's code?


When the bus swerved to miss a cat, the driver said, "That was a close call."

No one will ever forget her.

Dominic wouldn't hurt a fly.

At this point the depth is small.

You have another chance even if you fail this time.

Evelyn was standing in front of Ramiro's house.

Please say you're kidding.

I didn't want them to see me.

Put the luggage somewhere.

For young people silence is better than talking.

I suggest you get going.

This year, Edinburgh began work on its fifteen-year regeneration project to transform its waterfront and provide a new kind of living area for its growing population.

The weather here has been very unusual, but you know that's my cup of tea.

Have you ever stepped on a tomato?

There are a lot of gullible people, so there is a chance that Steen will be elected.

He is a good boy, and he is strong.

He got the twelve o'clock train.

Eli is way more experienced than I am.

Lenny isn't really sick; she's just pretending.

Can you spell your last name for me?

Rob told me the good news!

Let's stop wasting time.

He did everything in order that he could get the prize.

Nice to meet you.

I missed the point of the joke.

There's a volcano emitting masses of smoke in Iceland.

He had learnt English before he went to England.

Three eyes see more than one.

I'm not a creature of habit.


We're here to support you.

Did anyone eat with you?

It's incomprehensible.

We have supplied humanitarian aid to refugees.

The stock market is up.

It took me some time to calm down.

He cooked me dinner.

Bret was ruined.

They adjudged him guilty.


The CEO got paid in stock options.


I know what I'm talking about.


That's not my wife.


Major called me late last night.

People greatly differ in their views of life.

Kirsten made Bea one of these, too.

He came in and greeted all those present with a handshake.

Do you want more?

This is the first time I've ever driven Rajiv to work.

I don't know what I want to do.

I'm going to hang out with her.

Those supposed photos of a UFO were finally debunked as an elaborate forgery.

I now finally understand what Lori was trying to tell me.

Did you see the sunset earlier? It was really beautiful.

Have you really talked to Richard?

Profound ignorance is what is behind a dogmatic tone.

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Since I have a cold, I have no sense of taste.


You can't go.

You know who she is.

We've got to contact Jeany.

What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

What'll you eat?

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Knute needs a prescription.

This shop shuts at nine.

His theory is based on fact.

The matter touches your interest.

I never doubted the outcome.


Sheila never even noticed Elisabeth.

Sabrina couldn't hide his anger.

Why did you decide to study French?

This was fun.

What can I do for you today?


What language was that?

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Israel is the one who should be apologizing.

It's a big step.

The weather was terrific.

Half of what we write is harmful; the other half is useless.

What will the neighbors say?


We cry when we are very sad.

Do you have to make a speech?

The factory is running at full capacity.

I really don't know what to suggest.

Don't mention that she's put on weight.

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This could be a mistake.

We need to stop him.

Donal is about my age.

Naren doesn't look deterred.

I can't ask you to go any further.

The cruel man beat the dog with a whip.

I wanted to get you the hell out of there.

I suppose you want to ask me why I didn't go to your party last night.

Tammy saw what Curt was doing.

Good morning!

There were chickpeas in the salad as well as in the hummus.

You absolutely must not tell my girlfriend about this!

I never said I believed her.

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He's far more experienced than me.

My friend Kei is beautiful, but she is not considerate to others.

Why are men so dumb?

We have achieved a lot.

He will never visit the town again.


Danny described the scenes.

Actually, she's very transparent when it comes to emotions.

He changed a few words.


I'd like to exchange this book for another one.


We're probably going to clash a lot as we're both heavily opinionated people. However, if we can both respect each other, things should blow over smoothly. They could possibly turn out quite nicely even.


Did you learn a lot?

His poem reads as follows.

Naresh demanded an apology.