If I were you, I would quit my job and leave Boston.

How this author ended up on the program is a mystery to me.

Were you able to pass the test?

Your death is my life.

I'm keeping an eye on you.

I have many things to do.

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I wish you didn't always yell at Neal.

Reid closed all the windows.

Wendi is older than Chris is.

I just sat there looking at Tuan.

He's stupid sometimes!

If anyone can do it, you can.

I wish you were staying.

I'm all packed.

Bring me some cold water.

Do you know where the leak is?

I won't pay 40 dollars for just one book.

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When are you planning to do that?

It had been raining for week until yesterday.

Laurie didn't have to stay.

We need to replace the whole unit.

Your country is amazing!


Raif acted like a perfect gentleman.

This is the best dictionary there is in the library.

How's your wife?

Here were some relics.

I hear the grass is green even in the winter in England.

The stars shone the whole time.

He stands for both freedom and justice


The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don't have.

I'd like an aisle seat, please.

That'll depend entirely on him.


He expected the boy to be the staff of his old age.

He surprised me.

They are just going to the store over there.

Perry used to play the guitar, didn't he?

I'm still mad at you.

Rik says that he's very rich.

Your reading is very advanced.

Liyuan tore a page out of his notebook.

No one has the right to tell you how to act.


I honestly really like it here.

You'd better tell me what happened.

Glen doesn't get along with his sisters.


He is leading an easy life in the country.

I can't bear that she should suffer so.

I'm used to waiting.

He's fed up with socializing.

I was fortunate to find a good job.


From year to year, pollution problems are becoming more and more serious.

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I know how uncomfortable you are.

Jeanne wanted to go to college.

Gregge is clueless.

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Martin wanted to see Jinny again.

This car is better as compared with that one.

You can upgrade your computer with more random access memory to make the PC faster.

Please send us more details.

You can help.


Benson gazed deeply into Shankar's eyes.

Are you going to stay here in Rio?

I'm putting myself through school, so I can't have things that are that expensive.

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Kate wants to do something special for Vickie's birthday.


The cat hissed at her.


I left earlier than my sister.

You shouldn't go out at night by yourself.

Did you take the money?

I know when to say when.

Latvia has kicked off the new year by becoming a member of the Eurozone, and will thus be the eighteenth member of the zone.

Let's open it.

Vilhelm is a good teammate.

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I'm really tired tonight.

Suddenly there was a rifle shot.

Sanford was struck off the medical register for inappropriate conduct with a patient.

Then the pen fell from my hand and I just listened.

I suggest we get moving.

That's very elegant.

Subra had no husband.

She stopped picking daisies.

I'm not confident.

Your dog may be really depressed.

I had a lot of fun at the party.

Ahmet isn't very attractive.

What a beautiful sunrise it is!

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We already covered that.

If there's anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to let me know.

One of the reasons Twitter is popular in Japan is a characteristic of Japanese itself: Japanese uses ideograms which enable it to convey more information in just 140 characters than other languages, not counting Chinese. Incidentally, the Japanese version of this sentence is written with exactly 140 characters. How many characters does it take in other languages?


If he had attended the party, they would have been encouraged.

He thinks me unkind, too.

I think I left something in the classroom.

I've never told Kathryn about what happened.

I'm putting up with him tomorrow.

It's a terrible shame that fools are so self-confident and the wise are full of doubt.

Martin has been kind to me.

Fruit and vegetables should make up over a third of the food we eat each day.

The result of this experiment is obscured by the extra variables added in the formula.

She and her boyfriend live together.

Tell her I'll be back.


Dwayne calls every night.

Sorry, but I'm a little slow-witted.

Something creepy has been happening.

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The injury caused the athlete great pain.

You should do something else.

Ruin is inside us.

I'm happy to hear you say that.

Let's just calm down.


You ought to have seen it.


It was long before he knew it.

I am learning in a classical school.

Is that OK now?

Kazuhiro kept his distance.

Lenora's tired and run down and badly needs a few days off work.

I'm only trying to help you help yourself.

That's what my mom always says.

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Jean ate the osechi cooking his wife cooked for herself.


Slaves find power in religion.

All these books will be worth their weight in gold someday.

He greeted his parents.

Gigi seems to be the only one who isn't here.

Excuse me, I'm a foreigner and I don't understand Czech all that well.

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Are you offering me my job back?


I started writing the book.

Would you like to eat something else?

No one can tell.

In spite of his anger, he listened to me patiently.

In China's agricultural and industrial areas, some people are still very poor.


Are you looking for someone in particular?

It's kind of you to offer.

Computers can save us a lot of time and trouble.

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I can't understand his obsession with football.

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I saw it on Discovery Channel.

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The leaves of the trees in the garden have turned completely red.

I've never had problems like yours.

I'll stop by later.

Would you recognize Dustin if you saw him?

That toy is made out of wood.

A good idea crossed his mind.

George seems to be a good boy.

My grandfather is in his nineties.

I can't believe you did this to me!

You aren't as beautiful as you think you are.

Barbara and Jacob are husband and wife.

Let's make it short.

Which one is best?

Vernon shot himself in the leg accidentally.

We'll make an exception for Ahmet.

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I'd like to say goodbye.

I want them to be happy.

We've seen him.

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He lives in a posh apartment near Central Park.

He's ready to go.

Let's list all the reasons we should do that.


All the more so to think well of him.

Alfred wanted to travel around the world.

He accompanies his words with blows.

Mongo told me Brodie couldn't be trusted.

I pay 100,000 yen in monthly rent for my apartment.


I can't believe that you went to Germany and you didn't learn German!

No, please dial nine first.

The two lines cross each other at right angles.


Some incidents from my childhood are crystal clear, others are just a dim memory.

He got angry to hear the news.

You must inform your superior of the results.

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I'd like to find out how Farouk is getting along with his new boss.

Milner decided not to swim.

They are cutting loose.