Some English adverbs function as adjectives.

Your compassion never ceases to amaze me.

Please take the bread with the tongs, thank you.

It can not be true.

Do you want massage?

There's no going back.

When did you visit your friends?

I opened the window to let in some fresh air.

Can you pause the video for a moment?

They're good friends of ours.

I'm kind of aggressive.


Ric and I aren't strangers.

Vaughn avoided places where people smoked.

His words pierced to the heart of the matter.

Could I have the bill, please?

Should I help Barton?

I bought this guitar for just thirty dollars.

Would you mind my smoking here?

You betrayed my trust.

George is married and has three children.

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You should've kissed him.

In his opinion, the eurozone is disintegrating.

Don't raise your voice above a whisper.

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We wanted to celebrate with them.

He is very formal with us.

Marty lied when he told Donovan that he had won the race.

Why were you here?

You were always a perfect 'superhuman' to an infuriating extent, and so that 'habit' was actually one of your cute, or rather charming, attributes.

My father went out just now.

Where is your house?

Celia laid the racket on the ground.

Do you have mobile phones?


I'd be delighted to join you.

Granville is willing to lend us three thousand dollars.

Don't pretend what you don't feel.

I was surprised at her immediate recognition of me.

I'll come by train.

Matti doesn't often do that.

How old is that dog?

My cousin, who was a drunk, said that Jesus talked to him every night.

Don't leave it up to chance.

The city council meeting is a great place to sound off.

Those two used to get along so well together but even with them you can sense a chill coming on.

Grabbing him by the shoulders, she shook him and yelled, "Snap out of it!"

I know Linda is different.

I appreciate what he did for me.

Tim's employer promised him pie in the sky benefits.

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Sir likes singing.

Take evasive action.

Roman asked me who had arrived first.

Stevan spent thirty years in prison.

Haven't you washed the dishes yet?

Has he already done it?

What do you think you could do to help?

I met an American girl.

I'll show you that you're wrong.


Can I sit next to them?

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I'll tell Marcia that's not true.

Please disregard this notice if your shipment has already been made.

Mother is the busiest in my family.


It sure is hot.

Ronald asked for help.

Mr Rich acknowledged her favor.

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She's the most beautiful of the three sisters.

Ok, everyone has left to go file a patent!

Are there any good movies being shown this week?


Hui was angry because I wouldn't give him any help.

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We should help.

It is difficult for me to pronounce the word.

Such accidents are common.

That book is classified as "fiction."

I looked up.

I didn't sing.

Francis had almost forgotten.

It'll be dark soon.

Carlos is a lovable guy.

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What a letdown!

If you had been a little more patient, you could have succeeded.

Are you sure of your facts?


What are you looking for?

You look very delighted.

I thought you wouldn't know the answer.

Stand up for me.

The exhibition is well worth a visit.

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Books fascinate me.

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This is insufficient.

I don't understand where I went wrong.

Paula is an extraordinary person.

Since the bus was late, we had to wait in the rain a long time.

No go?

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Mr Balboa is so well known as to need no introduction.

She said that John must be very glad to hear the news.

That girl over there is very fat.

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Tell me what you did.

Tonight, let's all go dancing.

Tovah took a bad fall.

No matter what he plays on the screen, Drew looks great.

I went to see her.

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To make an excuse for having stayed out late.

I didn't think Jong was your type.

You need to share with your brother, Mariou!

She poured her passion into her kids as much as she could.

Did someone tell you that?


I get the impression that you aren't telling the truth.

Mac and Dave are newlyweds.

We have to go.

I'm so tired that I can't walk any longer.

He is anxious for a motorbike.

Are you trying to insult me?

He may have lost his way.

You really don't know who that is, do you?

She has large blue eyes.

It is Thursday.

Try to avoid overdoing it.

I walked softly for fear of waking the baby.

Does extraterrestrial life exist?

The child is father of the man.

That's what Taurus likes to do.

This door is locked from the inside.

Tell them I didn't read it.

He found his father lying in the kitchen.

I have something to tell Blake.

He was so kind as to help us.

Vince changed jobs to earn more money.

We worked hard at it.

My father is a good man.


Marie's feelings are hurt.

You'd better not tell anyone about what happened.

We are not adding examples in Chinese.

It's the first thing that my father wrote.

The book is up there.

Can you operate a manual transmission?

Pascal was given a life sentence for killing a security guard.

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Human beings are different from animals in that they can think and speak.

I'm not driving anywhere.

I have eaten at Chuck's Diner on several occasions.

Jerome is a very beautiful woman. On a scale of one to ten, she's an eleven.

What do you do for the team?

As soon as she read the letter, she began to cry.

He smoked a cigar after lunch.


Why won't you let me see Liber?

The foreigners are having a tennis tournament. Would you like to come and watch it?

I didn't give Sekar anything.

He had a collection of Japanese koi in the garden pond.

He is also very famous in Japan.

That's what I'd like to know.

Let's rest here.


My father quit drinking.

I was worn out because I had to take care of so many children.

Kelly felt awkward.

I was just going to write a letter.

Tell her what happened.

Consider the successes that have been achieved by tired, discouraged people who decided to give it one more try.

Page made it look like an accident.

I'm going out of my mind.

Do you want to find out?

The foreign minister will act for the Prime Minister in his absence.

Liber hated to bother Blaine so late at night, but it was an emergency.

Triantaphyllos spent all afternoon cleaning his room.

Yesterday morning I ate a waffle.

Michael is a bogeyman. If he lets himself be seen, all the children take flight.

I've just arrived at the station.


I know you want to see them.


Our team returned home after a huge victory.

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Is Srikanth still studying at Harvard?

I know that this doesn't interest you.

The dyer wears white.

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Skiing is my passion.


Is that a bullet hole?

I would very much appreciate it if you would help me, not Hartmann.

Tell us what's new with you.