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There's something I want you to know.

I have high blood pressure.

Timothy's resignation took effect immediately.

I don't have the authority to give you permission.

Is there something you want to ask me for?

Where did you get all this information?

Collin stole some money from me.

They speak many languages in Spain.

Oleg could not help smiling.

The heavy rain prevented me from going out.

"Where will we go for lunch?" "Cristina, you decide. I can't. "

He did not know that he was doing anything wrong.

It is getting worse.

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Sing a song with me.

The big shirt is brown.

Max ran towards the bushes.


Because of the hot sun, they were tired.

What does Gilles mean by that?

We should get more information.

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His store is always crowded with customers.

Jess might be wrong.

When I'm with you, I'm happy.

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How much money did you spend on your last holiday?

Sharada's daughter has been kidnapped.

I never for a moment imagined we wouldn't get home before the storm hit.


How much vodka does it take to kill you?


Tobias bought a camera not too long ago.

This gun has a range of 300 meters.

There is no choice.

Can you hear anything?

When I was a child, I believed in Father Christmas.


To lose weight I swim every day, one hour in the swimming pool.


No one should force his views on others.

She sold her Opel and bought a BMW.

Her ashes are interred here.

That's not what I've heard.

He is the owner of four very big farms in the interior of Sao Paulo.

Tigger could be Canadian.

Have you ever seen a squirrel?


What made him angry?

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If Jin had been speaking French, I would have been able to understand him.

That's not soon enough.

Come on, I'll show you.

Only one moment of my life was enough to manage to know and love you, but my entire life would not be enough to manage to forget you.

It is typical of him to say such a thing.


However, the amount of wind available varies with the location and the season of the year.

We did well today.

Emet's about fifty now.

Trevor believed everything I told him.

Bring the kids.

What's the minimum salary in Croatia?

The ability to work hard is an admirable quality, but the ability to relax is equally important.

Hohn didn't mean any harm.

The teacher and I sat face to face.


She provided for her old age.

You always have a plan.

He fell short of our expectation.


I have a lot of things I need to do.


The profit from drugs they used for buying lots of real estate.

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I told you to sign the document.


I want a book telling about Japanese customs.


Are you coming to Boston this weekend?


Can I drop off the car?

Michiel is aware of his own faults.

Have you ever taken a lie detector test?


He was a hero of the war of 1812 against Britain.

I don't feel up to eating anything tonight.

It was piercingly cold outside.

He was silent for a long time.

Good people should still exist in this world.

Do you think he still looks at my pictures?

Ann really makes me angry.

Pamela began to beat the children.

Unless Japan eliminates its unfair tariffs, the U.S. will impose sanctions.

I would like to ask for a translator.

I speak only the truth.

She accused him of being inattentive to her.

I need to go get some money out of the bank.


I think I heard a woman's voice.


I got an IV at the hospital.

In the summer of that year, more Japanese troops moved into China.

Rodger used to drink beer.


It was careless of you to lose the key.


He's the head of the marketing department.

You screwed this up.

If you need help, feel free to call me.

I'd like to forget Carlos.

He is what you call a fine gentleman.

I don't want you to go home.

Mwa is always right.

What do you have your feet for?

I have something that might be useful to you.

Can you see the stars tonight?

The speeding car missed the child, who ran out into the road, by only a hairsbreadth.


Change the channel, please; that music is unbearable.


Joel is patronizing.


He made me go there.


I want you to dry my tears.

My school has a band.

Russell and Leif wanted their children to live the American dream.

Where do you think any problems might occur?

In Italy, they work five days a week.


Bart went into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee.

Pieter bleached his hair yesterday.

Kimmo poured King a drink and handed it to her.

About the wedding ... It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be the main attraction so instead of doing it on a shoestring why not pull out all the stops and make a great show of it?

You're finally going to be a June bride, aren't you?


Bradley looks a bit sick.

I'm not used to waiting.

You can't blame Jarl for wanting to leave.

I'm not going to help Marion.

What kind of cars do you like?

You can add sentences that you do not know how to translate. Perhaps someone else will know.

No one heard Ariel's screams for help.


The little girl felt abandoned.


Tell Calvin to do what needs to be done.

I left Shanghai last year and have not yet been back.

The old man bribed a young girl with money and jewelry.

Will you join for me breakfast?

Anthony put it in the box.

Triantaphyllos probably does this every year.

Sorry, I do not understand the meaning of the question.

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He spoke about the sufferings and hope of humanity, about the sacred duty concerning the future of the feeling of brotherhood.

Here's one I forgot.

June was bitten by a dog.

I wish things could get back to normal.

The thief stated remorsal and claimed to be heartbroken before the crimes he committed.

Blair picked the lock and entered the room.

Give me a donut.

Don't forget them.

If you only drink this juice for a few days, you'll get better.


I'll leave that to you.

Our ladder is broken in two.

My father is like a friend to me.

How many years have you been married?

It's getting warmer day by day.

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We had so much fun.

I thought I told you that you should get to the concert early.

Julia was a controlled wife.


You didn't do anything wrong.

They are concerned with the project also.

You look wasted.

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Sandip is showing his wound.

I need diarrhea medicine.

Gordon moved away with Marlena.

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You are American.

Can we go home?

We can't see Mt. Fuji from here.

I like to translate Charlotte's sentences.

Herb graduated from Harvard.


He carried a joke too far.

Timothy enjoys being a celebrity.

Watch the rear. I'll watch the front.

I'll see you guys later.

Where's the burger patty?

She's right here.

The small companies were absorbed into a big organization.

Japan and China differ from each other in many ways.

People should be honest with one another.

You shouldn't have been there.

We're very good friends.