Kyoto was an old capital of Japan.

Don't tell them why.

He didn't participate in the discussion.

Does Galen know you're coming?

I was just trying to do that.

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The guests are in the living room.


Peter the Cruel is also known as Peter the Just.

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That's why we need to talk.

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We meet here once a month.


Despite their bulk and weight, hippos can swim rapidly.


I need to climb the tree.


He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


You are very arrogant.

Fine. Where?

You're a little too old for me.

I'm not ungrateful.

This update will be released at 10 o'clock this morning.

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We're not getting married.


I'd like to live in Italy.

Tait is the only one who doesn't really want to be here.

From this point, we must proceed with caution.

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Analyn sold the cow.

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Ronald sat down to dinner with his family.

I came by taxi from the station.

My canteen is already half empty.

Mark is lying on the grass under an apple tree.

It works now.


Ning comes and goes as he pleases.

Where could Olaf have gotten that from?

Where is the accent on the word 'Australia?'

They are wanting in industry.

You've got two choices.

I'm bored and I have nothing to do.

Please keep in touch.

Did you flash your lights?

She pretended to be asleep.

Since I will see him tomorrow, I can give him a message if you want.

The girl was trembling with fear.

Driving is a good holiday pastime.

He calculated the consequences of his action.

Your plan has the virtue of being practical.

Let me try to talk to them.

I've decided to continue studying.

Nathaniel always wears a green star.

Shall we walk?

That camera is the smallest.


I really do hate him.

Ms. Swan is our English teacher.

I feel kind of sick.

This is unquestionably a brick wall.

We'll share our food with them.

I never got caught.

He is an acrobat.


Norman is naked from the waist up.

Mark is wearing a black leotard.

The barb on fishhooks make them difficult to remove.

Button it!

I wish I could speak English the way my teacher does.

What should we tell Knute now?

I can't remember what Nicolette looks like.


I suggested to him.

Don't forget to tell him that.

I heard him arguing with her.


He was often confused with his brother.

I was completely exhausted after the hike.

They talked about what they should do with the money.

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In my opinion, this is quite unsuitable.

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One of the events was the Battle of New Orleans.


You both chop wood every day, don't you?


According to latest survey, 99% of employees want a free iPad.

Root was very happy.

Is he the owner of that car?

I'm going to call an ambulance.

All the roads leading into the city are full of cars.


This is not a threat.


We're the Jacksons.

I recommend that you read that novel.

Special forces surrounded the building.

She has been dating him for about two years.

He got angry because his honor was at stake.


Let's throw it away.

School was fun today.

All you have to do is wait.

I thought she was 30 at most.

I think Sonja swears too much.

Ram got there first.

The monk prays for an hour, while the nun boils the herb in the kitchen.

I'll see Ping around.

Do any of you want to volunteer?


Is there a lot left to do?

Brandy may not want to do that, but he should.

We arrived on the island two days later.

Has Raj's French improved?

He has clear blue eyes.

Kamel and Jayesh can both drive.

Irvin stood steadfast in his decision.


Sergiu looks flustered.

Diane and Manolis didn't wait for John.

And don't deny yourself anything.

You need to have breakfast.

The manager for regional operations in Brazil is sick and wont come for our meeting tomorrow.

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Tears welled up in my eyes.


In 1879 and 1880, Anton Chekhov and Ludwig Zamenhof attended the same school and became friends.

Little Sophie was not obedient.

He has a bicycle.

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I don't know how Sehyo got my phone number.

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This led to unexpected results.

If Elvis doesn't do what he's supposed to do, please let me know.

It seems a cruel thing to clip a bird's wings.

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What will Sehyo and Suzan do?

Did you tell him you were joking?

I need to unlock this door.

I have climbed Mt. Fuji three times.

I would wholeheartedly agree.

Fire is very dangerous.

I want Sandip to suffer.

This book belongs to Paolo.

Let's stop playing games.

The television isn't working.

I'm saying this out of kindness.

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It's dead.

Some of my classmates are overweight.

Our website seems to be getting more popular.

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I know you're probably wondering why I'm here.


We're approximately the same weight.

He's just a politician.

Seth? Hello? I asked you a question.

That new biography of the prince puts him in a less than flattering light.

He has a robust constitution.

When I started to fix the language, I got wrapped around the axle.

This train is bound for Zhongshan Park.

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I have no tolerance of cowards.

You had dinner with Skef last night, didn't you?

Curtis drank all the juice in one gulp.

I'll show you that I am right.

A truck typically uses more gas than a car.

Auxerre recorded their first victory of the season and, at the same time, got out of the red zone.

Her mother went to the United States to learn English.

Who let the dogs out?

I am going back to my native country.

Raymond knew what Lin wanted to buy.

Jem is the person I think can help you.

As the lion is king of beasts, so is the eagle king of birds.

The situation calls for our cool judgement.


And that's how I was late to school.


Hey, man! What's up?

We need to start.

There were riots.


Why did you think you could do this without any help?

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He has had that job for decades.

The liver is no longer functioning.

The answer misses the point.


I need a pencil sharpener.

Lynnette's car was hit by a truck.

Gerald and Seymour have similar goals.

He likes the most beautiful flower.

This is my last project.

Bert convinced Roxie that he was a police officer.

Every rule has exceptions.